INTRODUCING BOO!!! My new deafie!


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Finally, after almost 2 months of anticipation, I have him! He came out of his crate at the airport and walked up to me, like he was saying "HI! I'm here!" lol he was ADORABLE! he climbed right into my lap after I gave him a treat, so he could eat his treat on me LOL. then a lady approached us, wanting to meet him, and we saw a totally different side to the little guy. He tried to eat her! funny little guy. I played tug with him, and cuddled him, picked him up, gave him treats, and kissed his head, he was fine with all of it.

He does have some resource guarding tendancies, and some obstinant moments. but man is he ever adorable! He travelled well in my truck for the hour home, snuggled on his bed, then spent some time making himself comfortable, by pulling his blanket over top of him :)

I had to stop in at work, to lock up the shop, as my boss went home sick, so I took him in with me... he walked well on a leash, met some of my co workers, and came to me every time I wiggled my fingers at him. He is such a great little guy!

He actually came with his papers! He is registered with the Continental Kennel Club, which is an American club, but I'm not a fan as they'll register anything, but because he's registered with them, I think I can get a limited Canadian Kennel Club registration, and compete with him in performance trials, like Rally-o, which, if he is open to some serious training, we'll do!

I am so far, really impressed with the little guy. I think he'll do extremely well with positive training and Clicker Training techniques (light instead of click) He seems very motivated, so far. but we'll see.

He is right now whining in his x-pen, being ignored. He has not met any of my dogs without a barrier between them yet. He was snarky when I fed them all, but I knew he'd be that way. he is a big time resource guarder with the other dogs. I bought him some chewies, but I dont want to give them to him, as I dont want to set things off yet. But I want him to be comfortable in his new space, so I'm humming and hawing about it...

he does this funny spin when he's happy, or upset,. where he spind around growling and snapping at his back end... it's funny, but I'm not sure what it from. The vet for the rescue he came from checked him out and did x-rays, but nothing was found, so it was deemed behavioural. I dont think it's obsessive behaviour, as it only happens when it's triggered by something like me pushing him off my lap, or excitement over something. I'm going to put the question to a reactive dog group I'm on, see what they think about it.

here are some pics! My first look at him:

Meeting for the first time:

Time to head home

"Are we there yet?"

You kinda look like me

C'mon! Play with me!

Ready for bed
Aww he looks gorgeous, glad he is finally home & seems to be settling in.

Hope he likes the rest of your dogs, he looks so cute with your other white daxi.

Christmas come early for you :)

Ha Ha ha! cute! It does kinda look like my pups!

Here's an update, for all who care:

Boo has a Napolean Complex... I shoulda' named him Bonaparte! He is bossy, opinionated, and a resource guarder. But sweet, and sucky

i am certainly going to be well versed in resource guarding! Yes, he's only 10 lbs, but he can certainly be intimidating. I imagine this is some of why he's been in 5 homes in 6 years. You all might think I'm crazy, but I'm excited he has these issues. I love learning about training, so I'm doing a ton of research into positively rehabbing resource guarding. so far, I am hand feeding, and have taken out the dish, and given him several bones, not just one, and alot of toys, 2 beds and 2 blankets... so he has a bounty of stuff. I want hin not to worry about things being taken away, but know he'll always have stuff, so he doesn't have to guard it. I am not taking things away from him, at all, ever. I never have. I dont want any of my dogs to worry about things getting taken away. Once I give it to them, it's theirs.

Ollie and Boo are getting along just great, which was a worry of mine, as Ollie's fear reactive, and dominant with dogs he doesn't know. but he's playing with Boo. What's funny about this, tho, is Boo is supposed to not be interactive with other dogs. His foster mom says he doesn't play with dogs... well, for some reason, he LOVES playing with Oliver! I was so proud of my boy... I guess he's now my big boy! LOL

Mouse is still ignoring him... she's not interested in him much, since he tried to guard me from her... she was inimpressed. He's still being confined in the Kitchen when I'm not home, or when I'm sleeping. He's not yet allowed on the couch, bed or recliner. He cant jump up on them anyway, so we're good there! LOL

He's been introduced to lots of people, and only went after one, who touched him when he was curled in my lap, so that was probably guarding. he's such a goofy clown! I am really enjoying the little booger, he's going to be a great little teacher!!!

your Boo!

very handsome fella! congrats! I also own a Double Dapple. He has vision problems, but we play games to exercise his eyes... so far so good. Enjoy your new fur baby!
very handsome fella! congrats! I also own a Double Dapple. He has vision problems, but we play games to exercise his eyes... so far so good. Enjoy your new fur baby!

Thank you! I saw your intro post, but didn't have time to comment yet. Boo and Mouse are both deaf and sight impaired Black and Tan Double Dapples. I prefer deaf dogs, so only adopt deafies. Boo's biggest issues are his behavioural issues, so both he and I are on a learning curve. He's doing very well though, and after only 3 weeks, he is finally realizing he must sit and work for all he wants :)