Im new. Dapples.


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Meet Camo and Blitz. Camo is the big guy and Blitz is the small boy. They are actually brothers from a different litter and are pretty much my children.

Nice to meet everyone!



Welcome! I have 2 Double Dapples :) Both are deaf and sight impaired. I'm also fostering a Double Merle Border Collie right now... Deaf as well :) I have a thing for the spots! LOL
Great to meet everyone. My mother has always had dachshunds and she passed away in February and my dad took hers so I decided to get my own. Im only 21 and love these little guys. The dapples are pretty hard to find in Alabama. I had to do alot of searching.

These guys are the talk of the pet store when we take them. None believes that they are actually dachshunds.

The litter that the little one came from had a isabella and tan and he was so pretty, but she wasnt getting rid of him.