I wish Otis could do some of this


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I might have try to teach himsome of this, once we get the people issue under control. He very food motivated, so maybe we could do some of the easier ones. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9Fyey4D5hg]‪Useful Dog Tricks performed by Jesse‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
I LOVE Jesse!!! Those tricks are alot of fun, and trained using Clicker Training. I'm on a Dog Trick Forum And Jesse's Mom is a member there.
Kylee my 4 year old niece is trying to teach Otis to shut the cupboard door, but some how they keep ending up in the cupboard. At least its better than the last thing she tried to teach him. When I got Otis she was 2 and in the middle of potty training, I told her if she went potty in her chair she could help potty train Otis. I came in the bathroom to find Her standing there and Otis sitting down in her potty chair. She said " Him not have to potty".
dachshunds can be hard to train, but that's just because they're so intelligent and get bored easily. ;) i tried to teach manu "dog dancing", but he doesn't want to do that, he just sits there and has the "how stupid do you think i am"-look on his face. haha! but in obedience school he's actually one of the best. :) that's one of his favorite things. :)