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i cant get him to stop pooping in the house


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May 27, 2012
I have a male about 3 years old. we got him from a friend who had him as an outside dog around 1. we used to live in a house where we could just let him out to play and potty anytime but still tried working on potty training him and we though is had worked. but we moved to an apartment and brough him here abour 2 months ago at first he was peeing everywhere but i think we broke him of that because i havent found anywhere that he has peed in a while but now he keeps pooping everywhere any ideas of how to get him to stop we take him out atleast once every hour :(
Take him outside when he has eaten, slept or played. Stay outside untill he poops. Give him lots of prays when he does outside. Ignore inside and just whipe of. Have you had him checked at a vet so he doesnt have any problems?
it took a year and a half to train mine, had him since he was a puppy though. defenitly take him outside when you wake up in the morning and try to make a schedual, like noon and supper time. stay outside with him and give him a treat after he does both his buisness. if you have to leave the house for a while say work or something i put one of those blue puppy pads at the door and encourage him when he does his buisness on it. just an idea :)
Does he poop in the house when you're away or also when you're at home? He might be feeling anxiety when you're away.

If he poops also when you're at home, you can keep him on a leash also in the house, so you can always see what he's doing and stop him pooping and take him outside at once, so he'll get the picture. Also find some spray that takes away the poop smell, so he doesn't smell it in the house. They tend to poop on the same spot.

And of course, also take him outside regularly like Vizzla and Kitaku said. :)