Hurricane Sandy, No going Potty in bad weather!

My dogs won't go out in this terrible weather from hurricane Sandy. Any one else have trouble in bad weather with there dogs going out? I hope everyone is safe. Prayer going out.



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Hope all is safe!
Jax doesn't mind rain so much he'll take it or leave it. But from what we been hearing, Sandy is colliding with a snow storm pushing it this way. Supposed to hit here tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. It'll be putting Jax's potty training on hold :(


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I had that problem with Reggie during Hurricane Isaac. I was a long 2 days :( I didn't think it would EVER stop raining. Poor Reggie stood on the end of the sofa looking out at the weather barking by the 2nd day. I was like that's right baby, bark at it and scare it away :D

My prayers to all those affected and to those still in Sandy's path.