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Wellllll....My name is Sandra and I live in South Carolina. I'm a lover of all animals (had rather live with animals than people sometimes LOL). I've had pets all my life, but got my first Dachshund in 2001. Her name is Peewee and I share custody of her with my husband since she bonded to him after I started fostering other dogs (back when I didn't rent a home). She is a jealous one, but soooooo sweet. I fell in love with the breed. Now that I rent a home I can only have one pet. Back in December 2010 I visited our local Concerned Citizens For Animals to look at a puppy terrier mix. When I drove up a Dachshund ran to my car and jumped in with me. I asked if she needed a home as well (they had just gotten the doxie and had not posted her to their site yet). It seemed meant to be since she had always run away from people much less get in a car with a stranger. Sweet Pea is her name and she appears to be 10-12 years old. She had been dropped off somewhere and was running wild. They had to trap her to catch her and she was skin and bones. She must have had a hard life because she is very cautious of everyone, her nose has been broken, and possibly a rib has been broken at one time. She learned to trust me in less than a week and now she's the love of my life following me everywhere and always laying on me. I'm hear to learn and share with other doxie lovers.


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Welcome to this friendly forum. Well done on your rehoming. We call our Bernie sweetpea as a nick name.


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awww what a lovely story , well not lovely for sweetpea till she found you but a lovely ending to a awful tale x

welcome to the forum , have you got a pic of sweetpea xxx


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What a lovely story! They are the best breed EVER!! We rescued our Rocky from a breeder who just bred for the sake of making money- he had no shots done or checks, so we had them done as soon as we got him. We're now moving into a bigger place so we can have more! Welcome to the site :) Beth x


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Welcome and how wonderful she came to you! :) We are a one "Reggy" family lol. Not sure he'd enjoy sharing his time with us. When my kids bring their dogs over to visit Reggy gets a jealous and put out lol , soooo he's for now an only child :D