How smart is your doxie?

I was reminded again this morning that PD is really smart.
I was first aware that he was special before he turned one. I had climbed up to an 18" downward sloping ledge on the second story of our house to do a quick window repair. When I turned around to get down, I realized that I had not extended my lightweight aluminum ladder far enough to feel safe getting off the roof.
I hollered for Wife, but she was deep in the bowels of the house and couldn't hear me. PD, came over to the ladder and looked up at me. Henry was under the shade of a tree taking a nap.
I told PD "Go get Momma! Go get Momma!" I knew I was being ridiculous, but it worked with Lassie, didn't it?
PD ran to the back door and began barking. He barked until Wife stuck her head out the door to see what was going on! PD saved me from a fall, I'm sure of it!
So, what happened this morning?
I sleep with a body pillow, due to arthritis in my hips, knees and toes. Sometimes I sleep on my left side and sometimes I sleep on my right. PD prefers me to sleep on my right side, because it is easy for him to climb onto the pillow between my legs. He has started waking me up in the mornings with a couple of kisses, just before the alarm goes off. I open my eyes, look at him looking at me, and know it is time to roll over so he can go to his favorite spot. Sure enough, as soon as I roll over, there he is.
Good for him, he has me trained to roll over.

The surprising thing, though, is that he can plan ahead.
Once the alarm goes off, wife will feed the dogs and give medicine. I sometimes stay in bed a little longer and drift off listening to the radio. My routine, once I get up is to fix coffee, eat breakfast, then sit on the recliner and read my paper on my tablet. PD lays on my lap. It takes about 30 minutes from the time I get up until I'm on the couch.
PD has started whining or even barking at me when I stay in bed too long. He is looking forward to our time on the couch. He doesn't get extra treats when I eat. I don't spill. So, the only reason he is waking me is in anticipation of something that won't happen for 30 minutes. I think that's pretty amazing.

What cool, intelligent things do your doxies do?