How old are your dachshunds?


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I've heard that someone had a dachshund who was over 18 years old. My mom has a 14,5 year old dachshund, Kalle. I think he's quite old already!! But he still has some energy to play like a puppy with Manu. :) He has always been a kid.

Here's a pic of them this xmas. Manu is the black&tan and Kalle is the red&grey one. ;)



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Awe she's gorgeous! (As is Manu, of course! LOL) She looks quite spritely, in that pic!

Mine are 3y and 7.5y


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Our Reggy is approx 9 yrs old. I rescued him from the pound when he was about 3 yrs old. :) He's our little buddy.


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I have two miniature dachshunds - Mojo who is 20 months old (red dapple short haired) and Peanut who is 10 months old (black and tan short haired). They are my world :)



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Bernie is my first Daxi and my first small dog (usually have dalmations and beagles) he is 22months and gorgeous :)