How Much Does Your Doxie Weigh?


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Just curious to see how much everyone's pups weight. Nola is 8lbs, 9ozs and two years old


Mica is 9 & 1/2# at 10 months, Maui (who's parents weighed 9# & 10#) weighs 13 & 1/2# at not quite 6 & 1/2 months. He is not going to be the miniature that we were told, but we love him just the same!


Bree is our new doxie. We've had him for three weeks today. He is eight months old and weighs 10.3 lbs. I'm hoping he will stay a true minnie at 11 or under pounds...:D


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Alf is 3 years old and weigh 8,5 kg :) Just as he should! i find him a little bit to thin but he is in exellent condition according to the vet.


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mine are

here is my 2 dachshunds
Brisk 13lbs
Badger 15lbs
weighed last thursday
I don't know there size of dachshund I can say they fit on my digital scale