How does ur doxie sleeps??

Milo sleeps on top of the bed, but between us. If I move him aside he chews on the sheets and comforter. The solution so far is let him claim his spot as the filling in the Oreo or crate him until he loudly complains.


Mica & Maui both start the night at our feet, sometimes both above the covers, sometimes one or both below. By morning, they will have their heads on our pillows!


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I sleep with one Doxie in my left armpit (Mouse) and one Doxie in my right armpit (Boo) and a somewhat largish terrier x sharing my pillow with me LOL


So cute, Everyone!! CourtneyRose - Sophie looks almost identical to my piebald, Bree. I'll post some pics tomorrow.

We've never had dogs sleep in our bed - well, guess what? Bree won't have it any other way. He cuddles up with me every night. I'd really rather have him alongside the bed, but I think I've lost the battle..