How do Doxies React when being Flown Overseas?


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I have a friend here in the US that will be moving to Europe. She is very stressed about flying her Doxie over seas not knowing how it will affect him. She has the opportunity to adopt another Doxie and is not sure if she should add another Doxie to her clan at this moment because of the move.

  1. Has anyone here ever flown their Doxie on a plane? If so, what was the experience like to the Doxie?
  2. Will it terribly stressful on the Doxie?
  3. What do you think about her adopting another Doxie before her move to Europe?
  4. Do airlines allow two dogs per crate so they can be a possible comfort to each other?
  5. Any suggestions on how to make this a stress-less situation?

Is there anything else that I haven't thought of that she should be aware of and needs to be addressed?


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if she is lucky she might be able to get the dogs in the cabin. one dog per carrier per person. I flew a short flight with my doxie (Montreal to Halifax) in the cabin, he did fine on the way there after having a good walk. we went back early in the morning and he didn't get time for a good walk so he was a bit more edgy on the way back. 8 hr+ might be quite difficult simply due to bathroom restrictions. Flying into Netherlands is supposed to be one of the easier countries to import dogs through.


I might have to fly with mine soon on a 6 hour flight in cabin, i just hope he doesnt start barking, he can get very loud.