How Did You Find The Site?

How did you find the site

  • The Cute Facebook ad. Awwwww!

    Votes: 24 40.7%
  • Google told me. Google tells me everything.

    Votes: 27 45.8%
  • A search engine other than Google

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • A friend or a link from another site.

    Votes: 7 11.9%

  • Total voters


Staff member
Hi Everyone... How did you find the Site. I have the facebook ad but want to know how many found us with Google or another search engine
I googled on dachshound forums when I was home sick of influensa. I was bored and wanted to find out more of dachshunds. This forum was the one that was easy to use and looked nice. So here I am. Hopefull to see more members so the discussions are more alive ;)
I googled dachshund forums. I recently adopted a dachshund puppy. and wanted to chat among fell doxie owners/lovers :)