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Housebreaking in the snow?


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Feb 18, 2012
The Cats: Monchichi, Atticus, & Sir Didymus; The Pup: Hamilton
It's March tomorrow and despite living in upstate NY, we're having our first big snow of the winter. Hamilton hates it... a lot. He hates going out when the grass is dusted in snow. I feel like a big jerk dragging him around the yard with the snow up to his armpits while he shivers and whimpers, but he will not go! He just spends the entire time trying to stand on my feet or climbing up my boots. He ignores his potty command. He's usually a quick in-and-out pee'er, but now he's being stubborn. I have FOUR piddle pads down in the house, which he uses reliably overnight, but generally he refuses to during the day and I feel like I'm just hovering over him waiting for him to pee on the rug. Any suggestions?
You need to hover over him! LOL try shovelling a spot for him, that works for my little wimpy dog LOL
I do! You'd think we were one being considering how close to him I am at all times. He gives us a hard time going out when there's a DUSTING of snow and insists on standing on our feet. He finally went a few times last night under a bush where there was less snow, but he's still not a fan. Hopefully this will be the last snow until next year, when he'll be slightly bigger anyway. Haha.

Look how much we torture him!!

And his less torturous existence in the house...

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I run a loop through the backyard after a storm with the snow blower. Sometimes all I can see is the tip of Oscars tail sticking above the snow.