Hiding from a Hound?

After locking ourselves out of the house and having to bother our elderly neighbor for our emergency key, we finally decided to get something we could hide in the yard.

And there it remained buried for a couple of years. Our two dachshunds, Henry and PD left it alone.

Shortly after we got Frank, we had a need for the key, I'd left the house without keys in my pocked. Ok, I go back and get the key out, let myself in, and return the key to its spot buried in the ground.

That evening, Frank is playing with the Key holder. I buried it again, and within minutes, Frank had it, again.


The next time, I made sure Frank was in the house while I buried it.

Again, the key gets dug up and the holder has become Frank's new chew toy within minutes of his being let out of the house.


I don't know why I ever thought I could hide something from a hound ...


... We've found another means to secure our key ...


That is so funny, WM, and amazing, too!! These little guys should be named Sherlock! They're pros at sniffing out and solving all mysteries..;)