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Hello all, joined forum to learn more about doxie interaction. I have had my chocolate and tan girl, Suesse, for over 2 years, rescued from PA SPCA, she was abandoned in a yard in a cold PA October....people suck! Needless to say, she is snuggled under the covers and still in bed right now. :)

She shares the house now with my 2 rescue boys, a 4 year old 115lb lab mix, Stanley, and a 35 lb pit mix, Axl.

On Friday, the 21st, adding another doxie, a 5 year old that a breeder is retiring from breeding because she only has 1 puppy at a time and doesn't want to put her through it for just one baby at a time. She is a chocolate and tan dapple named Marble. Hopefully the transition goes smoothly......not to worried about my boys, but the queen may be a problem....so, bear with me if I'm here looking for suggestions on acclimating us all.


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Pics....if they work!

my new girl Marble (Mar-Belly.....she still has lots of baby fat from just being a momma)

Both my girls....Suesse in the back...not looking tooo happy.

photo 3.JPG
Axl my pit baby

Big ole Stanly, lab mix.

Now hopefully this works...I'm picture challenged.... ;)
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Forgot to add with pics, was easier than I could have imagined bringing Marble in, except for the 5 times she got car sick on the way home.... :eek:
Beautiful babies.

Its a shame getting our dogs together for a big meet isn't possible. There are a lot of dogs on this forum I'd like to meet in person ....

... uh, in dog?

anyway, I'd like to meet them face to snout.