Hi im Luckys mom Sherry


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Hi im Sherry,
Lucky and I live in Kansas, he is 5 years old and to tell you the truth with out him i dont think i would be as happy as i am he makes me smile he is always there when i cry and im always there no matter what mood he is in rather hes goofy fallin off the chair cause he heard something to sleeping more then even me and all curled up in his bed with his stuffed bear and his blankie. i dont know about you all but this 4 legged baby is so very spoiled and knows hes the baby and sucks it up as much as he cans. we hope that we could make friends to be able to chat to each other and talk about how our babies are doing and share stories. Lucky and I are members of Soldiers Angels, I write letters and send cards to soldiers who are deployed and well what mommy does Lucky is always apart of and yes he to sends out cards. I have raised Lucky since he was born, his momma dog passed right after giving birth to the litter, and as he was the runt he had very little hope to servive but the will power and prayer taught me he is really a Lucky lil guy. he is a very spoiled lil guy and I wouldnt change it for anything in the world, I know he is very special. well thats all for now looking forward to being able to make some friends who shares some things we love to do and talk about.
Very nice presentation of you. We come from Sweden, Alf and me. Alf is 2 years old and he too knows he gets everything he wants when he looks at us with his little eyes :)