Hi I'm Daisy


Hi Daisy, you are such a cutie! I am KC and have a little red girl who is supposed to be 9 lbs, but is slightly overweight. We are working on losing two lbs, and I am not sure who dislikes this diet more, me or Annie. Her favorite time of day is breakfast and dinner and anything she can plead for in between. Usually a green bean as a reward for doing her business outdoors. Tell us all about Daisy. How old is she, what does she love, and who is her friend beside her in the photo?




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Thanks everyone. Daisy started here in the bay area as a 2lb lil girl. The little fella in the picture is her bigger brother TalTal. They were a litter of 7 out of Dominos Dachshunds in Austin, TX.

Daisy is now 5 month old. She's 4.5lbs and therefore will be really small. TalTal is now 7lbs. He moved to LA.

However Daisy has a big sister named Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a 5 year old soft-wire.IMG_20191130_171957.jpg