Hi, I am a newbie!


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I am a newbie. I have 3 minis, Vinny, Phoebe, and Melody. We love our babies very much. They have definitely made an impact on our family. :D

IMG_6313.jpg Vinny, my Isabella/Tan Extreme Piebald boy.
IMG_6318.jpg Melody(top) & Phoebe(bottom), my Chocolate/Tan Piebald babies.


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Welcome! Your dogs are just adorable!!!

I bet you get "I've never seen a white one!" from a ton of people dontcha? I certainly do LOL


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Thank you and yes, we get that alot, along with "I didn't know they came in that color" comment. We like seeing peoples reactions to Vinny, its always priceless. He is just too handsome and he knows it.:D


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Hello and welcome!! :) Adorable dachsies, and yes, I haven't seen one in that color. ;) But we don't have piebalds in Finland...