Hi from South Dakota


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I don't have a dachshund yet but I'm hoping to rescue one. I am here to learn all I can about the bread. I adopted a shih tzu mix about 3 yrs ago and am looking for a companion for him. There's a great rescue close to me and I am hoping to get maybe a senior. I am going to a meet and great in 2 wks with my Odie and hopefully I come home with a new buddy! The only thing thats important is that they are kid friendly and get along with Odlie. I have 11 grands ranging from 8 months to 13 yrs old. An active bunch. I am really enjoying reading all your posts. Can learn alot from them! Sue
Hello and welcome from Sweden. I have my first dachs now :) It is really good to have others to talk to about our breed :)
From what i read in books and magazines they said dashies are not great with kids. But i would have to say it would have to come down to individual dog by dog case. They are very lovely dogs and they can be jelous and protective of their owner.
Hello and welcome! :)
My dachsie loves kids!! He doesn't like grown-ups (esp. men) that much, but he loves kids. I think it's all about how you introduce the dog and the kids. And you have to make sure the kids don't tease the dog and that they give the dog peace and quiet also. :)

I hope you'll find a perfect little buddy for you dog! :)
Mouse adores kids too (the taste good! LOL) She loves licking their faces and hands LOL Boo's pretty good too, as long as they dont grab him.

Good luck on your search! they're such wonderful dogs. And good for you for looking for a senior! They're so special and need good homes too!