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Hi From Mrs Tickle and I....

Ruth C

New Member
Jul 2, 2012
Mrs Tickle (Wire Standard Teckel) Freddie(Airedale)
We are new to the forum and the breed...we stay on a farm in Angus Scotland,about 500 yards from the stunning beach.Mrs Tickle is a wire coated Teckel, she is now 5 months old.Her father has just been imported from Denmark and is a stunning looking wee chap.
Mrs Tickel shares our home with Freddie ,our Airedale Terrier, he is 18 months old and they get on really well together.Freddie is a gentle Giant and Tickel does get away with murder!!..
She is ruling the roost..loves introducing herself to everyone...especially on the beach!!..We look forward to reading about all your Dachshunds and what they get up to!!:o
Hello and welcome!
Mrs T sounds like the typical dachsie... ;) They do love attention!! :)

I have a longhaired dachshund Manu who's 2 years old and a german shepherd mix (rescue) Jussi who's 8 months.

She sounds absolutely adorable!!! I also have a largish terrier (Irish Terrier x) with my doxies LOL
Hi and welcome! Typical Doxie for ya there :p