Hi from Michigan!


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Hi! I'm Rose, mom of many, some furry, some not. :)

I just adopted a little doxie mix named Lucky. He is the sweetest little guy!! He's about a year old and I wish I knew his story -- he was found wandering, scanned for a chip, posters put up and ads listed online and at the shelter ... but no one claimed him. After a month he was put up for adoption and I got to take him home!

I don't know what he's mixed with. Maybe he isn't a mix at all, just way off breed standard. He's very, very long like a sausage and so short! But not as short as most dachshunds. I think he might actually be mixed with chihuahua, but he's so much bigger than a chi. About 14 pounds.

We also have a maltipoo/chihuahua mix named Nightmare, three cats, some turtles, a frog, and chickens.

Here is a picture of my Lucky! His ear always does that - it's either inside out or standing straight up like a goof!
OMG He's ADORABLE!!! One of my Doxies has ears that stick off to the side like that... and he's registered! (though a deaf/vi rescue) He's extremely sweet, have fun with him!
Thank you! I just adore him ... its like we were meant to be together! I've never had a connection with a dog like I do with Lucky. He is always right by my side, sleeps under the covers with me, and every time i sit down somewhere he curls up on my lap. He gets along great with everyone, dogs and people and cats! I have young children (2, 3, 4, 7, and 10) and he loves them too, very patient and never snippy when they get a little too rough. He is calm and loving and just an angel.

I can't figure out for the life of me why no one claimed him. He does have a couple bad habits but nothing horrible - he gets in the trash sometimes and if I don't pay close attention to his potty cues he will pee by the door. But I have a lot of experience with small dogs (before kids I was very involved in chihuahua rescue and always had foster chis) so neither of those are issues for me.

I can't wait to dress him up like a hot dog for Halloween! :D
He is gorgeous, you certainly have a busy household. He will get lots of love and attention now :) :)
he looks like a chi in face for sure and that ear that sticks up sometime might be a clue of the chi in him. would love to see more pictures