Hi from CO :)


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Hi everyone :) I'm glad to find a forum all about dachshunds.
I'm Natalie and currently live in Colorado but am from London England and am moving back to London next year. I am the proud pet to Blain a 8yr old red dapple longhaired Doxie, Lumos a 3yr old white and brindle English Staffordshire bull terrier yes doxies and staffy can and do live together without the Doxie getting eaten. And we have just added a female 8-10 month old longhaired what we were told a double dapple whom isn't potty trained so you will see more of me in the potty department lol
Heres some pics I hope they up load :)



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I'm more inclined to think your youngest is a black and tan Pie from that pic, but I would have to see her whole body to make an accurate guess :) They're GORGEOUS!!! and I adore your Staffie!