Hi from Canada!


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Hi everyone,

I was wandering through the internet looking for people who love their Dachshunds like I love mine LOL! I've got my boys Charmer, and Lufi, who will be arriving from the breeder in a few weeks, we are very excited! Our first "puppy" We got charmer when he was 5, and he's been very lonely for Dachshund company. So we are hoping Lufi will help with this problem :)

Looking forward to posting some pictures and soaking up the doggy cuteness!

Welcome! I'm in Canada too! With 2 Yankee rescued Dachshunds, who are both deaf and somewhat sight impaired. I also have 3 other rescue dogs. one of whom is deaf and another is a yank as well. My third one is a puppy mill breeder dog who's paranoid. I ADORE my Dachshunds, and prefer deaf dogs, though all my dogs are special.

I cant wait to see pics of your babies, and your new puppy when the time arrives! I've never had a young puppy. My youngest, Mouse was 5.5 months old when I adopted her, though still a puppy, she had the look of an adult.
thank you!

wow, deaf dogs, you must have a busy house!

pictures! i forgot about that HAHAHA! I will have to dig some up. ;)