Hi Fellow Dachshund Lovers


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Hi im Heidi, new to the forum, thought i would check it out as we will be getting our new family member Isabel in 8 days time.
Isabel is a mini smooth hair and has been a long time coming, Myself my hubby and son have wanted a dachshund for a long time, but we were unable to have one due to lack of time, but now that i have escaped my awful job i am home all day to give the pup the attention needed.
I cant wait to meet her, My hubby about a month ago traveled the 3hr drive to a breeder in Wales to check out the pups (to make sure it wasnt a puppy farm) The breeder is lovely and my hubby bought one as a surprise for me and my son but could not contain he excitement and told us when he got home.
There will be five bitches for us to choose from all chocolate and tan, the photos are SO cute.
My son choose the name Isabel which i think is a very sensible name for a 6yr old boy to pick... don't you think?, i though he was going to come out with something like brownie or long-y.
Well wont be long to we meet her and get ready for the influx of photos, because my camera is going to be working overtime when we get her. :)


Congrats, Spidi and Locki!! How exciting for you! Can't wait to see your pictures. My husband's family was from Wales..


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Thanks everyone ..well all two of you lol. Not long now we pick up baby Isabel tomorrow im so excited, not so excited about the 3hr each way drive but im sure it will be worth it.
Beautiful pups. Congratulations.

You might want to save yourself a second drive and go ahead and pick up two, since we all know you'll need another one anyway. :cool: