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Bella & Jack's Mummy
Hi Everyone

Stumbled across this forum and justhad to join.

We have just had a lovely new addition to our family, an 8 week old, minature smooth short hair, we have called her Bella and she is just adorable, she is a silver dapple in colour and her markings are beautiful. We have all fell instantly in love with her especially my little girl who is 5.

We live in the UK in North Lincolnshire.

Ive arranged to take her for a health check in the 1st Octboer and she is due her 2nd injections on the 15th and then we will be able to take her out for walks which we are all looking forward to :)

Bella is our first Dacshund and we are hoping that maybe next year we can get her a play mate.

looking forward to chatting with you all

Susan x
Congratulations! Bella sounds very beautiful! Of course I am partial to Dachshunds, but may I say, great choice on breed! :D