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Hi, I am Sharon and I am the proud owner of two dachshunds, Angus and Rily. I have been married for 37 years and we have always had at least one dachshund in the house. Our first dachshund was with us 14 years and we loved him dearly.

I live in Frisco, TX and have two grown children, one of which has two dachshunds and the other has a dog with a bit of dachshund in him. We love our long, short dogs. :)


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Welcome! It's certainly easy to get attached to the little munchkins eh? I got my first Dachshund 3 years ago, and have since adopted another!!! I'll probably always have one or two :)


Hello.;) Super nice, knowledgeable people here. So glad I found this forum, too. <3