Hershel aka HERSHELtheHUND


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Hello... My name is Luis and my fiancee's name is Natacha. We are happy to welcome Hershel into our lives. We fell in love with him the moment we saw him. This week he will be 16 weeks old. We've had him since he was around 10 weeks old. He has a lot of energy, but loves to lay with us on the couch.
We've enrolled him in a puppy obedience training with petsmart. He's doing o.k. with commands.

Currently trying to get him to walk on a leash. This by far is the hardest part of the training so far. He's an awesome doggie. My 1st pet and my fiancee's 1st doxie...

I joined the forum to so that i can learn more about this breed of dog and their needs. We take lots of care to support his lower back whenever picking him up. Also, we don't allow rough play with him.. We love him so much!!!



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What a very handsome boy you have! Big congrats to you, and welcome to the forum!
I would suggest that you would crate train him. It is so important to help in house training and also if he were to ever have any back issues, crate training is always the remedy. Car travel is much safer if he is secure in a crate. It's just an all around good idea.

We would love to see more pics of him! They do grow so fast.


OMG - he's sooo cute!!! Love his name, too. Beautiful eyes. You will really enjoy raising him. This is my first doxie, too, and he's been so much fun. I haven't had alot of trouble with anything (housebreaking, barking) except chewing. My Bree loves to chew inappropriate things (like my shoes, ear phones, and my husband's shoe laces!)

Enjoy and keep us in pictures. We love watching them grow! :cool:


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Thanks guys. You can follow him on Instagram. I'm always posting pictures of him on there. He's actually starting to get a following. He does the silliest things. I love Hershel to death!!