We adopted Henry as a companion to PD. The breeder told us he had been returned because he was in a home with a 10 year old boy who treated him badly.

He was a full sized Black & Tan, and a great dog. He was also very athletic. He has caught birds and squirrels, eating at least one of the birds. He went down on his back at age 4, and recovered well after emergency surgery.

Henry hurt his back again at age 7. The thing about Henry was, he never complained, never let us know when anything was hurting him. We crated him, but were too late. This time he lost all function, and we knew it was time to say good bye to Henry.

Making the decision to put him down has got to be the most painful decision of my life.


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Im so sorry for your loss.
It is the hardest decicion but you did the best for your dog.
We adopted Frank from a shelter in Victoria, Texas a few weeks ago. On memorial day, Frank decided we needed to remember Henry, so he began digging up the grave.

He got about a foot down before we noticed.

Henry now has a birdbath sitting on him, to prevent future diggings.
15 years?

I guess that's true. It hurts less, but my wife and I still miss him. We often catch oursleves calling the new dog Henry. Or sometimes morphing his name from Frank to Hank.