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i have a one year old and he wont stop pooping in his cage! we walk him all the time and he poops almost everytime we take him out i got a smaller cage that he barely fits in and still does im so confused i dont want to get rid of him but im getting sick of cleaning it everyday i get home from work! please help!
Milo has had panic accidents when confined or accidently locked in a new room. We let him outside at least 3 times a day to poop and more to pee. Could it be that your work day is too long for your pup? Is there anyone to pay attention to him while you are gone, at least for a little while? Is there a safe outdoor area where he could stretch and play; or an indoor area like kitchen or bath (with toys and maybe a chux pad for accidents)?
My ideal situation would be a dog door, luxurious outside dog house, and he would be free to come and go. Since we have not hired a contractor yet about the door we are lucky to be able to come home and check on Milo during day. He spends some time outside and some sleeping on the couch. We have a baby gate so he does not have free run of the whole house.