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Hello all

I'm seeking some advice on my 10 month female standard dachshund. I have had my bitch since she was 7 weeks. At 7 months she went through her first heat. Her nipples developed. She has a missing nipple and one is deformed nipple , not fully developed. I noticed a grape size lump developed under one of her front two nipples.

At first I wasn't too concerned, there was lots going on with her breast tissue developing. Than 2 month after her heat she started to swell around her breast. Now all the other breast have shrunk however she is still left with this grape size lump. It seems to have a hard centre

I've booked her in with my vets but the waiting is killing me.

Anyone experienced anything similar?????

Any comments greatly appreciated.


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I've never seen anything like that. Mouse goes through phantom pregnancies, where a couple of months after her heat her nipples swell, and last time, she actually got milk. .Vet is your best bet, sorry to say, hopefully it's nothing serious.


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Thanks for the reply. My sister took her to the vets today while I'm at work. I just heard back and the vet suspects a busted blood vessel / hematoma. Thank god. The vets wants to check her again in another 2 weeks.

I need to Doxie proof my place in case she hurting herself jumping up on the furniture.

The lump was on the base of her rib cage.