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Ok guys once again I need help my puppy got into her treat bag and ate them all!!!! It was very irresponsible of me to leave it close to her but I didn't think she could break in it! She now won't stop throwing up she pooped a lot of it too just now but is there something I can do to make it better ? Besides vet cause it really late here
I would say get her moving around i bit so that her stumach has to work. If she becomes tired, exhausted, wining, her sumach goes very hard I would call the vet emediately. Hope she will be ok! I ve heard of dogs eating a whole bag of dogfood and they didnt get ill at all, just very full for a day or to, pooping a lot, throwing up but then totaly ok. But Im no vet so if you are worried you should call vet!
If she's throwing up, she'll be fine... Mouse once got into a friend's catfood... THAT was NUTS! And I couldn't get her to puke. I did the peroxide thing, and she would retch, but she was hanging onto that food no matter what!!! I didn't want to give her too much, so I left it... but BOY did she have big poops after that!
Oh n I thought this only happened to me!! Well here's the update! She threw it mostly up the poor thing!!!! And she pooped a lot of it to this morning I checked on her and she's a lot happier and hyper! And she lost that huge belly she had!!!