help with mean puppy


I just wanted to share this photo, I thought was cute. And ask, we have 2 doxies, Heinz is 6 years old and Ressi is going to be 1 in Feb., Ressi is very mean to Heinz, she runs into him making a thud sound knocking him down, is very selfish with all the dog toys, jumps on him, and is very jealous, we make sure we share our love not to treat one better than the other. You can tell Heinz is afraid of her. What can we do to help. We tell her no, try using a squirt bottle of water and it does not seem to work? Any suggestions?
I don't have any suggestions, but just to say Bernie who is 10 months now, hounds (sorry no pun intended ) my 13yr old GSD X Buzz. Buzz puts up with a lot from him, but on two occassions he has really had enough and put Bernie in his doggy language. Bernie stopped straight away (he runs around nipping at Buzz's ankles when he wants him to play).

Perhaps when yours is really fed up he will do the same.
That sure is a cute picture! It's probably something a trainer could easily help you with :)
Your girl is exhibiting her rights as a girl... LOL Rossi is just a pup, but one that is beginning to mature. Females are often more dominant than males, and she is just fighting for her place in the pack. As long as there are no actual fights, and Heinz is backing down without a fight, I'd leave them alone, let them work out their place. this is completely normal. I doubt Heinz is actually scared of Rossi, however, he's just giving in to her more dominant nature, submitting to her girl power! LOL.
There is a reason they call them bitches... haha It's freezing here in Montreal too, about to hit -30C (-22F)
Of my two dachshunds, the much younger female can be dominant in many ways, and the older male on the whole accepts it- occasionally he snaps back at her, and she leaves him alone then.