Help! New dachshund won't eat!

Hi everyone

I have recently re-homed a 7 year old mini-dachshund called Charlie as his old family were emmigrating. He is adorable and is slowly settling in (despite missing his old family) but he is refusing to eat his normal food. His previous owners told us that he has only eaten a specific dry food since he was a puppy but he wont eat that at all. He's eaten a little bit of chicken and ham (which he used to have as treats) but I know that he wont get sufficient nutrients from that alone and I'm really worried! I've tried mixing up the dry food with some ham/chicken but he's too smart and just ignores the dry food. Any advice would be gratefully received.


Hmmm.... chicken and ham or dried dog food? sounds like this dog has landed on his feet!

I am not a fan of feeding only dried food, it just doesn't seem natural to me and I am convinced it is not good for their kidneys in the long term.

I often mix dried with wet food and mix it really well, you could also add some meat juice to the mix to encourage them to eat the dried food as well.

As I am in the UK I am not familiar with many of the brands mentioned on this site, but there have been several recommended and some good advice so have a good read through other posts.

Just to reassure you a dachshund will not starve itself whilst food is available unless it is seriously ill so don't worry if he is a bit picky for a while, it maybe he is sulking a bit and the change of owner has effected him more than you realise.
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We soak our hard dog food in hot water, so it soaks up the water and more enticing for them to want to eat their food. Try some hot chicken broth with his food, and offer pieces to him with your hand. He is definitely grieving for his family, he spent 7 years with these people and all of a sudden is now living with a family he doesn't really no that we'll. He just needs time to adjust to you, that's all. Good luck, I know you can win him over!!!!!


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See if he'll eat a quality canned food. I personally don't believe in feeding dry food, or in feeding the same thing day after day. I always float their kibble or mix it with canned and water. Mine get quite a variety, to keep them from getting bored and to give them different amino acids, nutrients and minerals. Mine get kibble, canned, raw, dehydrated, freeze dried and table scraps. Something different every meal.
Thank you for all of the tips. I thought it was strange that they only fed him dry food, but apparently they tried everything (including canned food) and it was only the one brand of dry food he liked. I'm going to try and mix it up though.

He must definitely have thought he landed on his feet with all the meat. He actually hoovered up a few mouthfuls of his dry food tonight after a walk so I'm feeling a bit calmer now.

It must be so traumatic for a dog to be re-homed, especially after such a long time but I think he's getting a bit more used to us and his new surroundings now.


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A agree with whats been said above. A healthy dog will not starve itself. Add some warm water, low sodium chicken broth, or even some canned food as a topper to his kibble and give him 15 minutes to eat. If he doesn't eat, take it away and offer him food again at the next meal time. I know its tempting but do not give him any treats or people food until he is eating his kibble, otherwise he will continue to be picky. You can introduce those back in once he is eating regularly.

It hurts us to think they are going hungry but a healthy dog will not starve itself. I know, mine gets stressed out when her routine changes and she will skip a meal but this always helps her get back on track.