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Hi All, I'm new here.... :) This is long but I hope it will explain the situation.

I was hoping to get some insight into best practices, thoughts, or even just encouragement. If you're going to respond with "you shouldn't have gotten a puppy" or anything rude, please don't because I know I'm doing FAR better than most people out there who do have dogs, and this can be done. I have two big concerns: potty training and whining. She was almost 12 weeks when I got her, so now she's 13 weeks today.

I adopted a mini dashie at the beginning of the month. She's great, very cute, love her to death, funny and extremely attached to me. The first week I had her I was able to stay home from work, so I was crate training and able to leave her for 3-4 hrs easily no problem with no accidents. At night I tried to get up early enough and most of the time she was okay for about 6hrs. She DOES however whine like crazy at night, even when I know she doesn't have to go. She was up to the point of just howling for about 20 minutes then just the occasional whimper throughout the night. Anyway, I know that the separation anxiety will just take time and she is improving. (Yes, I do the warm blanket, the ticking clock, tons of exercise, etc). By the end of the weekend, she was peeing outside on command and pooping outside too. Only about 1/10 times she was doing it inside, and I live in an apartment building, so you can tell I am dedicated to taking her out 5-6 times a day.

I knew I was going back to work yesterday so on Monday I left her longer since she was doing so well (minus the whining) in her crate. Monday I was gone for about 6.5hrs and she peed in her crate, guessing it was too long for her because I did all the right things again - exercise, etc. So I wanted to keep being persistent and I tried leaving her in over night again... again it was a bit too long for her (8hrs, but she's fine at 6-7) so she peed in her crate again. I tried one more time yesterday, peed in her crate. Her crate isn't even that big, it's just big enough for her to get in and turn around.

SO! Yesterday I decided that I would section off the bathroom instead because I think that I should wait a few more weeks at least for her to "grow up", thinking she's just too young. I put her in with her crate, a pee pad and a bed. Last night she howled again like crazy, so it's not that she hates the crate, she just hates being away from me. At least I felt better this time because she didn't have to hold it. Which, she didn't, I woke up to pee and poo on the pad (she's good about getting it on the pad). Problem is, now we went outside and she didn't go outside because she didn't need to.... and then we went for a walk, and she had breakfast, still didn't go. It was cold, but she often still goes even if she's not happy about it. I'm afraid by putting her in this "pen" instead of the crate I've just erased almost 2 weeks of progress. Do you think that I'll have issues "restarting" the crate training once she's older? Should I have kept going with it? I'm also afraid by changing the situation too much it's just making it worse. Plus I kept going to her last night for her first night in the new "pen" since she kept jumping on the gate and I was worried she was going to knock it over until the point I secured with some rope.

Mostly ... My thoughts are to start back with being penned instead of crated and focus on her separation anxiety first. As in, ignoring her when she's whining all night. Then, in a couple weeks, retrain her for the crate training, or only put her in the crate if I'm gone less than 4-5hrs. Will this confuse her too much if she's just "penned" for longer periods?

I'm SO exhausted from all her whining and trying to stay calm and collective through this but I'm so tired it's difficult. I haven't slept well since I got her (I know, new baby), but it's affecting BOTH of us being this tired and emotional. People work full time AND have dogs, so this has to be possible while still having a well trained pup.

PS - I don't have the ability to come home in the middle of the day to let her out, if I were to crate her for 4hrs, come home, re-crate her the rest of the day.


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Okay first off congrats on your new baby and welcome to the forum. Now to your issues... keep crating her dont pen her unless you will always pen her. By crating her she will learn to hold her pee/poopies. My Noods came to me at 6 years old not house trained at all. I crated her and she picked it up pretty quick. BUT you have to be consitant. If she is messing in the house, take her outside right away and stay out there till she does something. If after 10/15 minutes she does not do anything go back in the house and in her crate she goes again for 10/20 minutes then back outside. When she does finally go have treats and lovin ready to the MAX!! Lots of praise "GOOD GIRL GOOD PEE PEES/POO POOS" she will pick up pretty quick that when she does it outside she gets treats and lovin!! As far as night and seperation goes can you put her crate beside your bed and try to sleep with you hand by the crate so she can still see (some) of you and smell you. She will learn pretty quick that she is and will be okay. BUT you have to stick to the same thing, if you want her crate trained you have to stick to crate training if you want her pen trained then you have to stick to pen training.

Hope that answers some of your questions...


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Yes it helps... confirms my thoughts of sticking to the same thing. I was just worried about her age and the peeing in the crate since she's in there for a good amount of time. When you research it, people are too "emotional" about it, which I let it get to the best of me. I should have stuck to my instincts that she'll learn!

She does very well with the potty training when I crate her. I'm really good about praise and everything. I've got her sitting, staying and knows what 'off' and 'no' mean already. :)


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Glad I could help. You are doing the right thing just stick to it. I would also no reccomend you using potty pads because then she will learn it is okay to go in the house. You should be taking her out after she eats, drinks, plays, sleeps, wakes up... pretty much after everythign you do. It seems like a lot but she will learn really quick this way that outside is the way to go.

Is there anyway you can hire someone to come at lunch for the next little bit (till she grows up a bit more) at lunch to walk her real quick?


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At lunchtime no... Not really anyone I would trust would be available, and my building doesn't give out extra swipe keys to get in, so I'd have to arrange drop off/pick up of that. Long story short, not really! Haha

I started crating her again last night and she's in there now as I'm at work. She peed again last night even though I got up earlier. I think I just have to wait this one out the best I can and just do the best I can when I am able to! She went outside last night and this morning again, so she's getting it! She also hasn't had any accidents inside at all the last few days, just the prolonged time in the crate.

Anyway! I'm trying not to "stress" and just do my best. I got some sleep last night so I'm in a better frame of mind. Looking forward to spending some time on this forum as time passes with my girl :)
Sorry to disagree with Noodles mom, but ...

While consistency is great, I think 13 weeks is too young to go 6 hours. I think you were able to prove that to yourself, and came to the correct conclusion.

If you don't have the means to let her out every 4 hours until she's a bit older, then don't crate her.

The pen idea seems good. I guess the crying is because her crate used to be in your bedroom? You could get a bigger crate/pen that would let her be in your room and give her a place to pee/poop.

The good news is, she won't stay a puppy for ever. It just seems like that.


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So far so good.. She's getting better at the whining and peeing in her crate way way less. I'm still getting up a bit earlier with her, but she's "holding" it at least 7hrs. I also did put an extra towel in the back of the crate so I think it was just slightly too big for her, even though it was the smallest I could find. She also stops whining after only 15 minutes and I think she was quiet for the most part last night for 5hrs. Progress! I expect her to pee in the crate today while I'm work... but she is definitely getting there.

I also had some huge progress the last two days where she doesn't "fight" me to go in the crate. I just tell her go in her crate and guide her towards it. She walks in on her own, tries to walk back out of course but definitely more calm. This makes me feel so much better that she isn't hating it.

She definitely hates the cold rain! So that has been a bit of a challenge the last few days, and she's been fighting me on the leash a bit because of it.

I'm also learning more of her "signs" she has to go so I'm a bit more at ease. Still a bit stressed/emotional with the lack of sleep, but I'm getting there too.

She's going to spend a couple hrs at a friends house tonight, I'm hoping this helps a bit with me leaving. My mom was out for the weekend and she instantly loved "Gramma".


I'm so happy for you and your girl, that things are working out slowly but surely. Time & patience and lots of love.. You really will not be sorry that this darling has found her way into your life (speaking from experience:eek::))!


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I would ditch the pee pee pads they sabotage potty training. Anyone I know who used them has trouble getting rid of them. Great job on the crating soon she will be able to hold it for longer right now at 12 weeks 6 hours is probably the maximum but Linus is able to hold it for 8 hours in a kennel at 5 months maybe sooner but I was not kenneling him until this point. I made the mistake of letting him sleep with me from the beginning so forget the kennel at night I lack the patience to listen to the crying so good for you for doing that. My girls have always been kennel end they grew to love it. They go in at 9 and are still sleeping at 7 the next morning. I say kennel up and they run into their kennel. Bad weather can be a challenge I have half of m house gated so they cannot sneak into other rooms. Even at 11 if it is raining they will have the occasional accident.
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