Help, Im frustrated and dont know what to do...Potty training issue


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I have two Dachsunds, brother and sister. Taz is the male, Sandy is the female. They will be two in February. Im lost and need some help.

I have tried potty training and they STILL pee and poop in their kennel at night. I would love to let them roam and sleep in my room or in their dog bed but when tried, they pooped everywhere...even though they went outside before I went to bed(usually between 10 - 11pm). I work full time during the day, so they go to doggie daycare, which they do love. When we are pulling up to the place, they start wagging their tail and jumping all around. So I know it cant be anxiety from the daycare. Also, they have been doing this pooping in the kennel at nighte before they started daycare.

My children adopted these puppies two years ago, then when they moved in with their dad, the puppies stayed. I never had pets growing up, I do love these two dogs..but am getting tired of cleaning the kennel every single morning.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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how big are these kennels?

from all the stuff i've read, dogs dont normally do #1 or #2 where they sleep. but if the kennel is big enough to house a few dogs, this might be the issue. unlike crates where the proper size is just big enough for them to stand up and walk around in a circle and then lie back down.


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Are they being kenneled together? I would kennel them separately and as Idivinag said make sure the kennel is properly sized so that they can stand, lay down, and turn around. Dogs don't like to poop where they have to sleep and lay in it.