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Help, he's a Shredding Machine!!!


Aug 22, 2012
Bree the Doxie
Okay, so I've never owned a doxie before. Is this normal behavior? Shredding my bedspread, biting the stitching out of my leather couch and gnawing on the corner of my patio cushions? Oh, and bathrobe ties (belt) are a favorite as well. I purposely wanted to adopt an 'older' pup to avoid the little puppy habits. But maybe an 8 month old, is still very much a puppy.

I've been saying 'No" giving Bree an acceptable toy. Any advice appreciated. :confused:
Chewing/shredding was never an issue with Nola, even as a puppy. But it was with my lab! Have you tried crating him when you're not around to watch him/at night, bitter apple spray (doesn't work for all dogs) on furniture, rotating his toys so he has new ones, enticing chew toys such as bully sticks and nylabones? Can you put some things up (patio cushions) till he's older?
Those are some good ideas. He's not that crazy about Nylabones, and I did try a bully stick yesterday. Do you recommend those bully sticks?

I just gave him a Purina Busy mini-bone, like a marrow bone. That seemed to do the trick tonight. Thanks for your help!
Do you recommend those bully sticks?

Mine LOVES bully sticks! I tend to buy a size bigger than recommended for doxies though because Ree is such a strong chewer and a bigger one keeps him busy for hours :D I'm even trying my 12 wk old foster pup out on them because she's a little demon child and will chew anything and everything she can get into her mouth.
Nola LOVES bully sticks, and I too get the size up. A kong might help too
Milo has been through our backyard drip irrigation system, door stops, door jambs, a cellphone case, a HEARING AID (he's running up quite a tab), dog beds, towels, sheets, comforter, blankets, pillows, drink coasters, shoes (I am in the high spenders club on an internet shoe store-free overnight shipping!), firewood, $40 support socks, pill holders, DVD (Netflix doesn't have a "the dog ate it" problem catagory), a Brillo pad, all of our area rugs, firewood, drink coasters, twist ties, ballpoint pens, camera cable, matches, to name just a few. He has taken a few nips at furniture and we constructed a guard that goes around the bottom of the sofa to keep him from chewing on that part.

We put things up but all it takes is a moment of distraction from his supervision. I have tried topical products with limited, momentary results.

He has a nice toy box and likes toys too. We let him chew the toys.

When we took him to the ER for a stick stuck in the back of his mouth the vet said this breed may take 18 months to stop chewing. But I'm worried because a dog care facility tells about a doxie that showed up with his bed all repaired with duct tape and he immediately started tearing it apart. Problem is, they describe this dog as "older".

The good news: at almost 18 months Milo is getting better. I no longer have to jump out of the shower to protect the bath mat. His chewing has a daily rhythm that we can anticipate. He will sleep on his bed during the day and savage it right after dinner.

Constant vigilance, patience, baby gates. That's all I can suggest.
Oh. My. Living. God, Natural Curl....I'm horrified...and laughing at the same time! What have I gotten myself into??
My doxie lily is mostly into her own toys! But I have to make sure the bathroom door is closed or else she will get into the trash can!!!! Not cool by the way I learned my lesson the first time!!!! I also keep an eye on paper like mail, or news paper she will occasionally get interested in chewing them. My poodle on the other hand l0ves shoes he's chewed 3 of my sandals and one brand new pair of heels:(
Doxmon: I didn't intend to scare you; just reassure you that you can always find someone worse off than you are. Did I mention the roll of toilet paper? The soda can? He turned both into teeny pieces of confetti.
I do believe that 18 months is bringing us some relief from this behavior.
Natural Curl, I'm still laughing...