quinceys mom

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I am the proud owner of a standard red dapple named Sir Quincey, he is 3 yrs. old & big! My daughter rescued him from a senior center which was sending him to the shelter. Have had this bundle of joy since April this year & don't know alot about this breed other than lots of allergies.
They are sooo adorable and full of love. They are very very orientated on their humans though. they crave our attention. I cannot think of a better best friend then a dachshund! There is a LOT of information out there. I found some on the site for Animal Planet when we got our first rescue, Henry Longfellow. The first time Henry broke out in hives, I was a wreck! But thankfully our vet told us the dosage of children's chewable benedryl for him...and we get along swimmingly now. :)