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I am new here but not new to Dachshunds. My father raised pitbulls before I was born and up until I was 9. Our PB died and my mother said "Time for a change!" I am the baby and only girl (3 older brothers.. 9, 10 and 19 years older!). Mom felt it was time for an indoor dog.. something small. Family friend bred Dachshunds and always raved about them, so off we went to see if a wiener dog was what we needed. Came home with the runt of the litter (I had to have that very one!)... male.. dark red smooth coat I promptly named Snoopy. My heart was taken captive by that long fella and I have never been the same.

Once married my husband and I had a sweet mutt for a number of years. Then we were dogless.. had a 4 year old and a 4 month old.. my folks had just bought a new dachshund and I just knew I had to have one again. So we got Woodrow.. his mom was standard, dad mini (really a tweenie).. he was standard size.. smooth coat.. dark red. See a pattern here? LOL

Woody lived to be 15. Such a sweet dog! After he left us, we went 2 years without a dog. My husband really wanted a big dog.. you know what I wanted.. and in the end, he said "Let's get another dachshund." Only this time he wanted 2 and long-hairs. I wanted minis. So we now have 2 mini long-hairs. Mac came first.. he is a clear red.. beautiful boy.. but sooo high maintenance! Mia is a black and tan.. the cutest thing ever.. and super laid back until strangers show up or you try to take her for a walk. They are 3.. we got them each as pups.

We did a pretty good job with training at the beginning, but life has taken some crazy turns and we have neglected some things.. mainly socialization and walking on leash. They are horrible in both these situations! I am hoping to find some advice / encouragement here.. especially on how to train 2 at the same time!

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Welcome to the forum.

Looks like you've got a bit of a challenge on your hands.

I'll let others, more informed than I am, address the training two at once. Like you, I tend to be lazy and not get my dogs walked very regularly. We've got an 8 year old who is easy to take care of, and a recently adopted 2 year old with more energy than sense.


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Hi and welcome! You've got your hands full;) I trained Nola to walk on leash nicely by stopping and not moving till she sat. Only took a few times till she got it


Hi, Barb~

I'm new to doxies but have had an assortment of various breeds all my life. My 7 month old shorthair is just learning the leash and housebreaking. I've only had him a week and four days, but we're making really good progress. He lives with a fifteen year old pekingese who has trouble getting around, but both boys seem to live together in harmony. Lots of good luck with the twofer. I'll be anxious to see what the pros have to say. Welcome!