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We've only ever had doxies. Recently our mini red male, Oscar, passed away at age 12. We are still getting used to life without the little guy and are unsure if we are ready to get another one day (he was such a big part of our family). I thought this may be a good place to begin learning more accurate and up to date info on dachshund care.


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Hi and welcome! I'm so sorry for your loss:( We lost our 5 month old to parvo (she was vaccinated, as all my dogs are) on June 8th of this year:(
I now have 4 again, 3 girls (Nola, Boston and Phoenix) and 1 boy (Augustine)


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Thank you Nola for the kind words. I'm so sorry for your loss as well. It's surprising how easily they become a part of the family.


I'm so sorry for your loss. It leaves a big hole in your life. When my Sammy passed I felt just like you do, too hurt to think of having another take her place.I didn't want to experience that pain ever again. I went over 20 years without another till my step-daughter shared her 8 month old dapple pup with us. Then I remembered what it was like to have the love of a doxie in my life and to love in return. Now I have 2, and the only regret is the 20 years without. I encourage you to get another and let your grief turn to love.
Welcome to the forum. Yes, it is incredible how much it hurts when you loose a doxie.

We lost Henry earlier this year, and rescured Frank to help ease the pain. Frank is wonderful, but I still find myself missing Henry. A new dachshund brings joy into your world. But they never "replace" the dog you lost.