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My name is Abbi and I am the very lucky owner of a fawn and tan Miniature Dachshund named Sig. He is currently 4 and a half months old, so our adventure together is just beginning. :) I am very excited to be a part of this forum! Can't wait to share stories and maybe have some questions answered. :)
Welcome! I think he's an Isabella and tan, judging by your picture. No such thing as fawn and tan. Cutie!:)
Welcome! I think he's an Isabella and tan, judging by your picture. No such thing as fawn and tan. Cutie!:)

Fawn is the layman's term for Isabella...it's the same with Dobermans, when you hear of a fawn n tan Dobe it is really an Isabella n tan.

LOVE the dilutes!! Pretty baby :D One thing I will recommend is to look up CDA or Color Dilution Alopecia if you haven't done it already. It's pretty commonplace with blues and issys.
Definitely. Especially since I have never found a reputable breeder who breeds Isabella's, it is always best to double check all health concerns.
The people we got him from are friends of ours who breed doxies. They have never had a litter with any pups of his color. I will definitely be looking up the health problems. Didn't realize he could have them.
CDA is more a skin/ coat issue linked to the dilution of the color, as well as the melatonin in the hairs themselves. Isabella is the dilute version of chocolate and blue the dilution of black. With proper care of the skin and a really good diet, you can "control" the effects of CDA. I think I still have an article saved on my desktop for a nutrition regimen for blues and issys. It was pretty much my bible when my blue Doberman was still alive. I'll look and see if I have it on my desktop, since I'm on the laptop right now.

Most breeders shy away from the dilutes because of the skin/ coat problems that they can have. There is no effective genetic tests at this time to determine if a dog has it or can carry for it. It can also mimic things like puppy staph infections (skin infection) or food allergies, but where those can be cleared up with antibiotics and food changes, CDA can't. It doesn't necessarily hurt them, but it does make them uncomfortable. If you live where it gets cold (and snows) I would suggest a really good, thick doggie coat.

I would love to have a dilute again someday, but for right now I'm holding off and keeping up to date on all the current studies on CDA.
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This is the link for "Storm's Regimen" Keep in mind that it was originally created for a blue Doberman, but many of what this gentleman has used would work for blues and issys in any breed.

Storm's Regimen
When I was having such issues keeping fur on Mouse, my Vet actually said it's probably CDA... but I discovered (through research), that it can't be as she's a black and tan (yes, double dapple, but CDA doesn't affect the Merle dilution... if that makes sense).