Hello from WA


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I just joined this forum. I live in the beautiful Pacific NW. I have one doxie so far..Oscar..He has been with us for almost 2 1/2 yrs. He was supposedly 4 or 5 when we adopted him, but it turns out he is more like 11 or 12 now. We adore the little guy. He is so precious. We have just registered with a doxie rescue group to adopt more.


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Hello and welcome! I come from Sweden and have a 2 y old dachs. He comes from a breeder and will be our hunter :)


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Welcome! I have 2 rescued deaf/sight impaired Double Dapples. One was 5 months old when I rescued her and I've had for almost 3 years, the other I adopted a little over a year ago, who was 6.5 when I got him. Both came from WA, one Seattle, one Spokane. I live in Alberta, Canada, so the dogs did some travelling (and so did I LOL)