Hello from Tennesee!


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Hi all! I am happy to have found you.
I have 5 mini Dachshunds. I am a small breeder, however I am not uneducated, and I am very aware of all the shelter dogs-I did canine rescue for 20+ years. That's why I know that sometimes the right person will come along and be perfectly happy with a shelter dog-regardless of the breed-God bless those people-but not everyone will do that. So please don't set me on fire.
My in-laws got a Dachshund and I just fell in love with him, so I had to have one, Grace. And then I had to have another one, Theo. Then another one, Daphne, she has long hair. Then Grace had puppies and I kept one, Zed. Then Daphne had puppies, I sold them. But Grace had another litter in Oct., and I kept Indy out of that litter. Sold the others at Christmas, and I am now selling a beautiful litter of Daphne's. This is so easy because everybody wants one. This will be the only litter I raise this year.
My husband of 20 years passed away very unexpectedly Feb. 6, 2012. I have been totally decimated my this, I loved him very much, we were best friends and partners. Our girls are in AZ, FL and our son lives about 2 hours from here. So I live alone, with my animals. I have the 5 Dachsies and 5 large dogs left over from our rescue days and 15 cats all rescues or offspring of rescues. 2 horses, and a whole bunch of chickens.
That's about it. I love all my animals very much, but I really miss my Wally. He loved the Dachshunds almost as much as I do, he called them "our little Dachsie family". So hello to you all from me and Grace, and our little Dachsie family.
Hello from Finland and welcome! :)
I've bought my dachsie from a small breeder. I bought a dog and got new friends at the same time. :)
I'm so sorry about your husband. :( But fortunately you have dachsie family and other furry friends to comfort you. They truly are a joy. :)
Take care.
Hello from Sweden :) I have a dachshund from a breeder. We dont have shelters in sweden, just one in stockholm that takes dogs after policerescue. I too love doxies. My boyfriend wanted one and I was skeptic but as soon as I met them I fell in love. Our dachs is a hunting dog :)
Hello and Welcome...

So sorry to hear about your husband...it must be very tough. My heart goes out to you and your family.