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I'm a soon to be (hopefully) Doxie owner. I work at an animal shelter, and we had a Dachshund puppy come in as a stray. If he isn't claimed by his owner by Wednesday, he will be mine to adopt! He's only about 2 months old and so adorable and cuddly. Oh boy does he LOVE to cuddle! He is an interesting color though, not sure what it would be considered. He's mostly white with some brown merleish spots. I've attached a pic. He looks like a hunch back in this pic, but really isn't. I had to get a quick snapshot before he tried to jump back in my arms. His name will be Louie (after the St. Louis Blues mascot). :D



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Welcome to the board!

It's a little hard to tell what his colours are because it gets all fuzzy when the photo enlarges. He looks to be a red of some sort, with I think could be either dapple or brindle - it's hard to tell in the picture. Can you get a clearer one? What I can tell you right now, is that he is a piebald. Does he have any other colour spots besides his bum and head? If he doesn't, he'd be considered an extreme piebald.

Good luck! I know how hard it is to wait out a holding period for a stray. I've been there...I work for a shelter too!


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Yup def. a piebald! He's gorgeous!!! My 2 are Double Dapples (merle) both are deaf and sight impaired because of it. Your boy is a piebald as opposed to a double dapple due to the symmetrical markings on his head, and the clean lines in those markings.


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Keeping our paws crossed that you can adopt him...he is adorable! He definately looks pie....but whatever he is....he is still cute as a button!!


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Louie is home!!!! :D:D:D

He got neutered today, so it's a little out of it. Abby, the 11yr old cat, doesn't like him. She'll get used to him (I hope :p). Abby started hissing at Louie, and he gave her a look as if to say "What's your problem?" and then walked off. LOL


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Ignore the last message... Didn't see page 2. Congratulations. Enjoy the puppy months.... They get big too quick :) xx