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Greetings to All,
I just found this forum today. I started looking for a furum on this wonderful breed today. I am hoping I can get some advice for one of my friends. I will look for another section of this forum to do that. First I would like to say hello and tell you how I fell in love with this breed.

I never wanted to own a dachshund and in fact I would laugh at people as I would see them walking one. I always had "real dog's" like german shepperds, akita's and bouvier's. Then it happened.

I went to buy a computer from a neighbor of a friend of mind. The woman had a problem with an addiction to pain killers and was in the process of loosing her house and was selling off her household items.

While looking at the computer I noticed she had two dogs. One was a pitbull and the other was a miniature dachshund. I asked her about the combination and she said that she bought the minnir for a toy for her pitbull.

I was in shock. While I never wanted a dachshund I certainly did not want to see any hurt. I have a love for all animals. While I do not believe all pibulls are mean and nasty I did not think it was right for this minnie to be a toy for the PD to play with.

I had to try and rescue this dog. I asked the woman if the minnie was for sale and she said no. She did hesitate a little about it and tried to work on her giving the dog up. She would not and as I left I to;d her if she changed her mind to let my friend know and I would come right over to get her. I forgot to tell you the dog was a female.

The next morning my friend called me and told me I could go pick up the dog. The woman had agreed to give up the dog.I went right over there and picked her up.

I already had a bouvier and my thought was to pick this little "so called" dog up and find a good home for her.n Well, my wife fell in love with her. There was many discussions about this dog.My wife always wanted a female dog she could name "Sadie". I told her not to grow attached to this dog and went in search for a good home.

It took a little of time but I finally found someone who was willing to take her. It was a great home. There was a large fenced in yard and a few fellow dachshunds. It would be a great home.

There was two problems. First, my wife had falling in love with Sadie. Sadie had taking over the house. The bouvier was no longer in charge. Sadie from the day she came into the house was in charge.

She controlled all things. When the food was handed out she would eat from the bowl she wanted. Treats, forget it she was first in-line.The second problem was I had started to become fond of her, of course I never admitted it. I was determined to send her to a new home as soon as possible.

I could not break my wife's heart and this new little thing had started to show me so much love. Of course she had taking over the bed. I never wanted a dog in my bed before. But it was so nice to have her snuggle next to you, did I say that?

Well, to make a longer story short Sadie decided she was staying in a forever home. I loved every dog I ever known. I have to say no dog was more loving and loyal; as Sadie has been. When I sit down to watch TV and sit in my recliner, or should I say her recliner, she comes upo and lays right next to me. If I am driving down the road in "her" car she is in my lap looking out the window.

I can no longer call anything mine as Sadie has taking over everything.I was and always will love the big breeds but, I do not care if people want to "laugh" at me as I walk down the street with my weiner dog. I cannot imagine life with out her. One is never enough when it comes to this breed.

There was a bad storm in our area about six years ago. We were out of town at the time. My wifes favorite tree in the backyard was knocked down. The town we had been staying in had a pet shop. We just happened to walk in there and there was this little male dachshund and she and I fell in love with him.

I had never purchased a dog from a pet store and do not agree with them being sold there. But we had to rescue one more. Klinger became apart of our lives. The personalities of this breed is so much fun. Now I have two extra's in my bed, or should I say we are guest in Sadie's bed. Klinger even has to listen to her.

It is funny when we go for walks, Sadie will protest and just sit there and expects to be picked up and held as we walk. If we take the leash of her she will walk forever, but on a leash forget it. We had learned her former owner nevr walked her. I forgot to mention that .

I had not planned to write a book here but as you all know there is so much you can write about this breed. What brought me to this forum today and I will look for the correct spot to post this is our beloved Klinker. Oh yeah that is the name of no.2. His back legs just gave out on him today. He woke up and could not walk.

The Dr. gave medication andtold us we could try an operation on his back but most back surgery does not work. I am hoping that so,meone could offer some advice. The dr. mentione accupuncture. I thought maybe a cart of some type for his back legs. He told us sometimes the medication works, I am praying.

Klinger has never shown any fear. He will climb and jump from almost any heights. When he is out in our yard "hunting " he would climb and jump from anything. Our hearts will be broken if he is no longer in our lives.Thankyou for listening. I pray I will find some great advice here. THANKYOU AGAIN !!


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I was like you... not so much a "real dog only" but I didn't like Dachshunds... now I have 2 LOL Both are deaf/sight impaired (one more than the other) but they are such fascinating little dogs! I adore them!

I worry constantly about their backs, It's a common worry for "our" breed. But I do what I can to keep them healthy and strong. There is someone on here that cured their little Doxie with Acupuncture and meds. Definitely look into it!


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Hello and welcome!
What a story! Sadie was a lucky dog to have found you. Our dachs is like her, he owns us and he is the most loving dog Ive ever met. I never had tought of a dachs when we decided to get a dog so I almost laught when my boyfriend wanted one. But after meating to breeders and their dog I was sold. Im so in love with the dachs now.

I hope the best for Klinker! Get well soon we say from Sweden!


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Hello "from New York" I'm Reggy's Mom from New Mexico :). There is hope for your little guy. Our Reggy when we rescued him came with a severe back injury and the vet suggested uthenizing him. I would have non of that and asked for options. Surgery was out of the question simply because I didn't have $3000.00 cash he was asking for. So my other option was to rehab him myself with meds and crate time "suggested by my Vet" even tho the Vet didn't have much hope for Reggy. Sooo for 3 mths Reggy lived in a crate and I'd clean him and his wire dog crate every morning because he had no control over his bowels. I had to take him out and push on his bladder because he couldn't pee by himself. Every day he got his Meds "prednisone" and ofcourse affection by me. It was a long 3 mths for Reggy and me but we made it and he's walking and running now. His weight is a huge issue so we have to watch him very carefully and makes sure he stays on his diet ( and doesn't sneak a dove in , he catches doves and eats them " so we found out lol ". Last year even tho Reg was on a diet, Reggy had another scare on his front shoulders this time and all I could think of was "NO" not again. Not to mention Reggy's weight is in 'my control' he eats what I give him and I can not handle loosing Reggy because I was not responsible. So we finally figured out his correct diet he needs along with NO more Dove eating lol and he's lost almost 5 pounds. So his weight is under control and his shoulders are better. No limping or signs of more back issues. So I can only suggest if you're not doing surgery, to limit his mobility. Limit him to how much he moves around every day and give him his meds. Medicine will not do anything for him if you don't keep him from jumping and moving around a lot. Crating him is the best I can suggest because it really worked for Reggy. It's sad to see him in the cage and I know he will be unhappy about it, but if you want him to recover from this injury, this is the best thing for him that I can think of and the only thing my Vet could suggest for Reggy. Offer him lots of water and make sure you give him food with his medicine and Pepcid ( Pepcid will help him from getting upset stomach from the meds you can put it in peanut butter lol it helps ) is great for dogs with sensitive stomach and they can take Pepcid with no issues. My Vet told me about it. I hope I've helped. I would of answered sooner but we were out of town. I wish you well and pray your new little guy recovers well. Reggy did and our Vet had no hope for him. :) When I say crate him and limit his movement, I want you to know that Reggy spent 22 hrs out of 24 in his crate, :( I know this is severe but it was a must. As Reggy got better and moving around more, I allowed for longer times out of crate, but all that time was very supervized by me. He went no where without me right with him. I carried him up and down stairs watched outside during potty time. It's a big job :) but it was so worth it all :) We still have our Reggy :)
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Thankyou for all the hello's. I am so happy I found this forum. I cannot imagine Klinker not being in our lives.I am going to try the crate and accu-puncture idea. Klinker is a little ball of muscle. I can see how they were used in the old country to hunt and dig out badger. If anyone else has any idea's PLEASE let me know.I am very encouraged after what I read. He still has control of his bowls and urine. I hope that is a good sign. If we had to I would come up with a cart for him if he is not in pain. He means to much to my wife and I. Thankyou