Hello from MI


Hi, this is my first time owning a dog, so i figure come here learn a few things, and get to know some people that share same passion for dogs as i do now. His name is Ninja, hes a "tweenie, I was told" hes in between miniature and full size dacshund. Hes 11 month old now, and full of energy.

Here is a few pics of him and his 2 cat friends that took him in.

First day we got him.

His Buddy Baby-Boo

And Bowzer



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They're all so cute!!! I love the color on Baby-boo and Bowzer looks like Garfield. :D They're such characters, right? :)


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Oh he is a doll!! I imagine that's what my Shorts looked like as a pup. We adopted her at 10 months old, however, so we've no way of
Knowing. He is beautiful! Enjoy him.. Dachshund personalities are something of a gift.. They're just perfect.