Hello from Hank and I


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I am owned by a 4 year old doxie, Hank. I didn't even know I loved doxies until I met Hank. Now I take notice of every doxie I meet. And, as a groomer, I get to meet quite a few. I have to admit there are a few I don't "love" but for the most part they have wiggled their way into my heart.

Hank and I live on a nice piece of property in Utah with my DH, son, and various other pets and critters. I'm happy to have found DT!
Welcome and Hello from Reggy's Home :D . I love the name Hank! First Dachshund I ever had was when I was very little. He was half Dachshund and half black lab, if you can imagine lol. He was the size of a Dachshund with paws the size of a lab. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. We'd take him to the beach and it looked like a big dog taking very small steps in the sand. He was all black with a white blaze down his chest. We called him Licorse :)