Hello from Finland!!


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Hello! :)
This is our first post. We live in Finland, me and Manu. Manu is 13 months old dappled longhaired dachshund. We just appeared in our first dogshow on saturday and he was excellent. :) We also like to train obedience, visit doggie-parks, swim (new skill he found this summer), play fetch.... Manu has also met a fox twice, but he just tries to play with it, so maybe he's not a fox-dog... ;)
Welcome! Manu (great name by the way!) is adorable! and it sounds like he has a wonderfully full life! I have 2 deaf and sight impaired Shorthaired Double Dapple Mini's, along with my 3 other dogs... they're such characters! I adore the breed!
Thank you! Manu sure is adorable and he knows exactly how to look sweet, cute and innocent to get his way. ;)
My parents also have 1 deaf dachshund. He's deaf (and almost blind too) because he's so old (14+ yrs). I think it's amazing how full life dogs can have even though they have these disabilities. :)
It's amazing how deafness is NOT a disability! My dogs were born deaf, and all 3 of them are no different than hearing dogs, except I have to get up to stop them from doing something! LOL

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNexJY1Q8OE]‪Give us a Chance!‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

I also have long haired Doxies... sooo cute! i haven't figured out how to make the coat so gorgeous yet (i'm not a master groomer lol) but they are fluffy cute balls of love :) Your Manu looks very handsome, hope to see some pictures!!:)
Dogs are so great, they don't just sit back and feel sorry for themselves, they're happy just as they are. :) Actually, sometimes Manu plays deaf too. He has quite a selective hearing sometimes... :D

Thank you Charmerlufi. :) I uploaded some pics here yesterday (made an album "Manu"), but i'm not sure i did it right 'coz i'm new to this... I hope you can find the pics, though!! :) Do you have pics of your dogs here?