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Hello from Baumholder, Germany


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Oct 15, 2011
Charlie, Harley (brothers) and our newest member Trixie
Well, let us see, I am not 100% sure on what to put here so I’ll just start with the basics. I am a 20 almost 21 year old Army wife to a wonderful man who’s currently deployed and we have 2 (soon to be 3) of the most wonderful babies named Charlie and Harley. They are brothers 2 years of age. Their parents were both AKC certified, and I believe they are too, I plan on getting their paper work when I get back to the states. Now, Trixie’s papers I will be getting once she’s shipped to me. My husband and I are currently stationed in Germany. The puppy is coming from Texas, I know what you’re thinking. You’re in Germany, the Dachshund capital! Why not just go and get a German dachshund! Well I thought about that, and I tried, problem is most of the breeders in Germany won’t sell to Americans, for reasons I can completely understand. So I decided to give up my search, but then a friend of mine showed me this website and I fell in love with this little girl named Trixie, I am so excited to finally meet her, she should be here sometime in November.

Charlie and Harley are both black and tan, but Charlie has a strip of white down his chest with ticking in it. A lady I spoke to said that normally ticking happens if there is a piebald history. Charlie looks nearly identical to his mother in coloring but she didn’t have the ticking in her white patches, now his build on the other hand is like his father. He’s strongly built, basically 18 lbs of pure muscle and he thinks he’s 10 feet tall. Now Harley on the other hand, he’s the smaller of the two not so much muscle mass and only 16 lbs he’s always been small for his litter the breeder said he was the second runt. He is a very gentle and sweet dog the perfect opposite of his brother Charlie. Where Charlie would love to spend his day’s chasing birds and small prey (which I’m trying very hard to stop), Harley simply Loves to just lay back and chew on a good bone and maybe watch a little animal planet (Yes he actually will look at the tv when we turned it on lol).

While they are both very sweet and smart dogs, training has been a bit hard. Dachshunds are notorious for being Very Stubborn, and it seems sometimes no matter what I’ve done I can’t seem to train Charlie. Harley will be fine if he’s on his own but the second his brother comes around the training goes straight out the window. Charlie knows the simple commands like Sit lay and stand but I can’t for the life of me teach him to stay. The trick we’ll be working on now is using the clicking training. I hope very much I can get him properly trained and have it where Harley and Charlie will both listen at the same time, But one thing I will say is that they’re very well trained on the leash.
Welcome to the site.... Cant wait to see some pics of your Doxies.. We have 3, Sam, Molly and Milo...

I have 2 Doxies and 3 other dogs, one of which is from Texas too! (though not a Doxie) Mine are all rescues.

I clicker train as well, (yes even the deafies, though with a light instead) It's amazing. If you have any questions, just ask :)

I second the "cant wait for pics" comment!