Hello :D *Pics*


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Hi everybody,

My name is Jennie, I am from Washington state and just got my very first dachshund! My boyfriend has had his mini long haired boy "Mafia" for over 12 years now and before I met him I had never interacted with Doxies before. These wonderful dogs won me over big time! My little boy is almost 3 months now, I got him at 8 weeks old and his name is Ichabod "Icky" for short. He absolutely LOVES crinkly toys and playing with his much older big brother. His Big Brother Mafia absolutely loves squeaky toys...unfortunately all Ickys crinkly toys have squeakiers inside so they don't last very long, haha. During the day Icky gets the entire kitchen to himself, however he prefers to scale the doubled up puppy gate to free range the whole upstairs of our house (hardwood). Icky isn't potty trained...We have a lot to learn, but in the short time we have been together I couldn't be happier. We also recently bought Icky a doggy DNA test...results pending. :p

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