Hello All! :)


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My name is Tina and I just brought home my first dachshund, Bonnie, today! She is only 7 weeks old and was the runt of her litter. Her mom weened her already and was running over the other puppies for attention when I visited her so we decided to take her home today since the breeder said we could. (Basically it didn't look like the best place for this little darling even for the usual 8 weeks wait). I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow but otherwise the breeder had her caught up on all her appropriate shots and I'm SO excited! She is super sweet and is very playful and funny when she's not sleeping! She has long hair reddish brown/black coat with a touch of white on her chest. SOOOOOO sweet. :) If you have any tips for a new doxie owner, PLEASE let me know! I've done a lot of research in preparation but I can always learn more!

Hope to get to know you all!